We provide a comprehensive service regarding packing and cargo securing. We have at our disposal a fixed warehouse facility and also a mobile service. We offer a tailor-made service in each case. In order to guarantee the full satisfaction of the end customer, we take great care to select a proper means of transportation, cargo security measures and packing functionality both in transport and handling.

The export packing service includes machines and facilities, industrial electronics, boats and vehicles, cars and personal belongings. With regard to goods requiring packing at the client’s premises, we provide a fully professional mobile service.


We will assist and guide you throughout the whole decision-making process regarding the selection of proper means of transportation, loading procedures and cargo securing options.

Oversize packaging

We comply with the HPE performance norms within the production technology and packaging. The norms determine the obligatory standards of packing which guarantee full cargo security over the entire delivery chain.

Assembly facility

The backstage warehouse, together with the professional operational service make the packing procedure quick and safe. It boosts the economical factor and decreases the transportational overall risk.