We will assist and guide you throughout the whole decision-making process regarding the selection of proper means of transportation, loading procedures and cargo securing options.

Oversize packaging

We comply with the HPE performance norms within the production technology and packaging. The norms determine the obligatory standards of packing which guarantee full cargo security over the entire delivery chain.

Assembly facility

The backstage warehouse, together with the professional operational service make the packing procedure quick and safe. It boosts the economical factor and decreases the transportational overall risk.

Anti corrosive foil

To offer best and most economically effective service we have started cooperation with Intercept Technology – manufacture of barrier foils.

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Thank you for your effort to find and visit our website. To take advantage of this contact you can obtain assistance and help while placing your goods on the most effective means of transportation. It will also result in avoiding any loss risk and cargo damage. By maintaining a good reputation as reliable suppliers of goods delivered in tip-top condition, you will be able to strengthen you market position and cooperation with your customers.

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